Preferred Health Complete Health™

Controlling Costs / Improving Life

Preferred Health Complete Health™ (PHCH) represents a true revolution in employer-based healthcare, designed specifically to control your company’s health care costs while improving your employees’ health and productivity.

How does PHCH control costs and improve life?

PHCH uses state of the art predictive health modeling to identify patients at increased risk of becoming seriously ill and thus high cost and/or high utilizers. Preferred Health Complete Health’s specially trained nurses will intervene proactively, contacting patients and their providers to initiate appropriate improvements in care. This is a true win-win situation, in which the employee’s health is preserved and corporate health care dollars are saved.

But identification of employees who already have a chronic disease and are about to become seriously ill is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential disease burden, health care costs, and loss of productivity facing your corporation. We know that the kinds of data that is currently incorporated into even the best predictive modeling account for no more than 30% of health outcomes. About two thirds of health is determined by health habits and environmental factors.

The PHCH breakthrough is to integrate the full spectrum of health factors, weighted according to the best available scientific evidence, into an entirely new process called “holistic predictive modeling™”. With custom designed incentives (sensitive to the local corporate culture) and the seamless integration of trained nurses and wellness coaches, your employees will become actively engaged in taking positive steps to improve their health (and thus contain costs while improving productivity).

The best evidence shows that corporate wellness programs save about $3 for every $1 spent, and this is without the integration of lifestyle risk factors into holistic modeling. Isn’t it time for your company to free itself and its employees from the current dysfunctional, inordinately expensive health care of the past and make the move to optimally effective and efficient health care? Now’s the time for Preferred Health Complete Health™.

Preferred Health Complete Health™ Core Services:
Managed Care Services


     Optimal Health Disease Management

     Large Claim Management

     Lifestyle Coaching

     Prescription Drug Management

     Predictive Modeling

     Health Risk Assessment