Pay-Plus Solutions

Preferred Health Plan (PHP) is pleased to introduce an exciting new electronic payment process. We have contracted with Pay-Plus Solutions, Inc. (PPS) to utilize the latest in secure payment technology to accelerate and add efficiency to our claims payment process. Through Pay-Plus, PHP can insure a more effective way and secure method to deliver payments, Pay-Plus offers:

* More security as checks are not being sent through the postal system where they can be lost or stolen

* Streamline claims processing with a standardized cleaner easier to decipher detailed EOP

* Consolidated payments from multiple Payers

* Fewer checks clearing your account which can mean lower bank fees

* Eliminate bank deposits or lockbox fees as fast and secure payments are pushed directly into your designated bank account or through your credit card terminal

* You can import payment data for more accurate posting.

Pay-Plus offers several options for receiving electronic payments;

* Pay-Plus VCard- using a MasterCard Merchant Account, electronic payment is made via a terminal and re-loadable credit card.

* Pay-Plus Select- Combines a reloadable virtual MasterCard, with the electronic presentment of matching EOPs and related data via a secure web portal. A daily consolidated Payers payment is automatically “pushed” to the Providers merchant account.

* Pay-Plus Direct- Combines the Pay-Plus Private Payment Network with the electronic presentment of matching EOPs and related information via our secure web portal. Each day Pay-Plus pushes consolidated funds directly into the Providers bank account.

After the initial setup, there are no changes or set up programming requirements. All remittance information is available 24/7 via and can be downloaded into a PDF, CSV, or standard 835 file format. For any additional information or questions, please contact Pay-Plus customer service department at 877-828-8770.

We hope that you are as excited about improving the claims payment process as we are. Together with Pay-Plus we look forward to helping to add efficiency and speed to your claims payments.